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Looking for the perfect plus size prom dress for an evening and a photo to remember?

Here's our t ips on how to choose the perfect gown !


When it comes to plus size prom gowns, there are several important things that you will want to take into consideration when selecting the perfect gown.   There is no doubt that you can learn where to find them but do you know how to properly select them? 


If not, there are several things that you will want to take into consideration to ensure that you look as amazing as you can be in the dress you choose.

To help you find the right gowns, remember that you should never settle for second best, whether it's elegant, modest, goth, teen style or just plain sexy !  What you want IS out there - it's up to you to find the plus size prom outfits or evening gowns that you need and want.



Where Can I Find Plus Size Prom Dresses?


Elegant partial updo sets off this pink dress perfectlyPlus size prom dresses are available, even if they can occasionally seem hard to find. 


It can be  difficult to walk into a boutique and see the most amazing prom dresses offered there only to realize that they do not carry your plus size - t he problem is that there are so few locations where you can find a good selection of plus sized prom evening gowns in local venues. 


So start shopping in specialist stores for a more relaxed and enjoyable shopping experience.


Also shopping on the web, you are sure to find more options than you can dream of. 


In fact, some of these will rival the ones that you have seen on those mannekins at the mall.


What To Consider

When it comes to finding these gowns, take several things into consideration. Pretty young girl in pale blue / white prom gown


First, start with the shape of the dress that is most appealing to your body shape.  For example, the A line is a beautiful shape that is very forgiving to plus size thighs and bottoms. 


If you are looking for some help in enhancing your chest, then look for those prom dresses that are deep v cuts as these can offer an amazing quality to anyone’s chest size. 


Another option for the neckline is one that is straight from shoulder to shoulder.  This will offer a dramatic effect and will draw the eye up naturally.  When someone gazes at you, this line will help to bring their eyes up your body instead of down.  Of course, there are other things to take into consideration as well. 


" I am not a has-been. I am a will be "
Lauren Bacall

To help in hiding those areas of your body that are a little less than perfect, consider pleats.  The well placed pleat in the bodice of your prom dress or along the tummy area is the perfect way for you to draw attention away from those areas successfully.  


Yet another option to take into consideration is the waist of the dress.  When you are looking for a prom dress for the plus size, you will want to take into consideration where the waist is placed. 


For example, in a high waist dress, you may find that it helps to hide the tummy and hips area better.  If the waist of the dress is lower, you will have the ability to enhance your chest area if that is the focal point of your desire.  A high waist dress can also be helpful if it offers a waist that is well defined.  This will allow for more forgiving qualities for the rear and the thigh area.


Finally, before you order your prom dress, take some times to get your measurements done.  Not only will this help you to select the right dress for the evening, but it will also help in finding the right undergarments to wear as well.  When you purchase properly fitting undergarments to wear under your prom dress, you are sure to have a better fit and your dress will look even more amazing.


When you ask, “Where can I find plus size prom dresses?” take some time to look throughout the locations locally, but do not settle for your dress unless it is the ultimate, perfect gown for the night.  You will find that there are many examples of plus size prom evening gowns online.  Take some time to consider what the perfect plus size prom dresses are right for your body.


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