plus size dresses and clothing for the fuller figure

Summer Dresses & Leisure Wear in Larger Sizes

One of the most popular styles for the beach is a simple strapless dress. 

Whilst this can look great, it's important to wear the right bra with it to give sufficient support without being obtrusive.

Cruise & resort wear

It's customary to buy several new items for your wardrobe when going on any cruise. 

The style of clothing will depend on whether you're travelling to the Mediterranean or touring Alaska!

Also, the information from your cruise line should give you an indication of what style of dress you will need - in particular, how many "formal dining" evenings there are likely to be.

First, you might be invited to the captain's table, and this is a very formal occasions when evening gowns are expected for the ladies, and dinner jackets or suits for the gentlemen.

Otherwise, you'll want comfortable clothing for trips ashore and casual, yet smart, clothes for relaxing on board and enjoying meals.

If there's an onboard pool, make sure you've packed a well fitting swim suit or cup size bikini for the occasion.

Wardrobe Rules for Plus Size Women

There's a few rules of things that you really shouldn't do - unless you just can't resist:-

  • no tight white cotton pants that show the bulges in your legs and cut up around your thighs, buy them in the right size !
  • don't tuck your top into your pants - instead wear a top that comes down over your tummy area, as this is far more flattering
  • no bikinis - try out some of the wonderful new styles of swimsuit or swim dress that look so feminine

Style Tips from Skorch Magazine

Here's another cool vid - this time from the creators of online magazine, Skorch :-

They offer some lovely ideas for tops and dresses.

Leisure & Sports Wear

The wonders of lycra and elastane mean that it's possible to buy a few items of clothing that stretch and move as you exercise, but also dry quickly after washing.

Investing in a couple of outfits if you're exercising regularly - whether it's at the gym, club or at home yoga can help you feel the part and get comfortable too.