plus size dresses and clothing for the fuller figure

Stylish Cocktail & Evening Wear for the Full Figured Woman


So, you have a formal event or cocktail party to attend?


That means you’ll need to find a stylish and elegant dress or pantsuit to wear. For full figured women, this also means that you will have a chance to show off your curves and your figure.


There are so many choices out there that finding appropriate cocktail and evening wear can seem difficult - but only on the surface. If you know what you want or have an idea of what you are looking for, when you go to look for an outfit you’ll have an easier time narrowing things down.


Here are some tips that will help you find evening wear or cocktail dresses that are stylish and flattering.


What are the Trends?


As a full figured woman, you may feel as if you can’t follow the current trends.  This is further from the truth. Not every new trend is going to work for you, but there are some that translate well into the larger sizes. Keep your eye out for them.


Be careful - just because a new trend is in your size doesn’t mean it will look good on you - sometimes the designers may extend the size ranges for sales without really checking the fit.


Avoid anything that is too busy, features heavy patterns or is overly complicated  as it may not look right. Flip through the magazines and think about the trends you like and only adopt those that look as if they will be flattering.


Classic May Be Best


A lot of classic cocktail and evening wear styles are very flattering, especially on full figure women. Look for a-line dresses, v-necks, and anything that is let in at the waist and drapes over the hips is a good style for a full figured woman.


The upside is that if you purchase a classic style, then you’ll have it for a while. Classic dresses and tailored pieces are ideal because you can get them fitted exactly for your figure. This means that it will be very flattering. And, you may consider getting an evening dress in black, navy, royal blue, or deep red. These darker, simple colors have a slimming affect.


Where to Shop


It is good to have an idea of the kind of cocktail dress or evening wear you will need for your event before you go shopping. Keep in mind that the internet is a very good choice for purchasing clothing because you can view a wide range of choices at once, without having to go from store to store.


If you feel that you need to try something on, you can find a similar dress or the same dress in a store near you to see if it fits. To help you shop easier online, you may want to take your measurements. And keep in mind you can also return anything you buy.


Women often find that one particular store seems to carry styles and designs that they love - if so, see if your favorite store has anything suitable before spending time shopping around.


A Word about Color and Patterns


You may notice that there are a lot of dresses out there that feature bright colors and interesting patterns. There also may be some dresses that have a lot of “extras” such as lace, frills, or things like rhinestones. These styles aren’t necessarily flattering on a full figured woman, but they may be flattering if you get the right pattern or style.


However, things that are overly complicated or colorful may not be appropriate for a formal event. You may want to check in advance with the event to make sure you end up with the right outfit.


Accessories and Undergarments


When it comes to cocktail dresses and evening wear, you definitely shouldn’t ignore your accessories and undergarments. Make sure that the undergarments fit properly and compliment the outfit you chose. And, the accessories should be tasteful and also compliment the outfit and your figure.


Simplicity can go a long way, but you need to try them on with the outfit you choose to make sure it compliments it.


When it comes to choosing a great outfit for a formal night out, there are a lot of choices. Just make sure to choose something that is flattering and also stylish.


Finally, don't forget your footwear - a great pair of sandals can make or break your outfit - as well as draw attention to sexy ankles and stunning legs - love your shoes !



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