plus size dresses and clothing for the fuller figure

Party Dresses & Outfits on a Budget

Can't afford to buy a new dress for that special party but need a new look?

Ring the changes with your accessories and no-one will notice the difference!

The two most noticeable items you can change are:-

1.   Your shoes or sandals

2.   Your jewellery

By adding some new and stunning sandals, people will be noticing your feet and commenting on your style.  If you look at the red carpet photos of Cameron Diaz, you'll see that this is a speciality of hers, wearing sandals in shades of orange and yellow to set off a simple black dress.

There's some stunning jewelry around that's designed to draw attention.  If it's your style, a big single pendant can create a stunning look.  Otherwise, opt for several beaded necklaces that tone with your outfit.

The good news is that this doesn't need to cost a bomb.  Fashion jewelry can be bought or borrowed easily and new sandals or shoes can be picked up for a snip at most high street stores. 

Why not make a habit of picking yourself up an item of jewelry when the sales are on - some of those clearance items could turn out to be long term fashion favorites!

This is also a great way to use just a few items to create outfits for different events - for example, the Christmas party, New Years eve celebrations & a date. 

Just ring the changes with a jacket, swap smart trousers with jeans, change from sparkling sandals to smart boots, add a glitzy bag for the party and a small purse for the date - this can make one top or dress go a whole lot further.

As an extra treat, spoil yourself by buying a new shade of lipstick and you'll feel like a new woman as you join the party.

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