plus size dresses and clothing for the fuller figure

Plus Size Party Dresses - Fashion for the Fuller Figure

It doesn’t matter where you shop; the plus size section of your favourite store, or in a specialty store for your size.

There are certain key elements to keep in mind when dress shopping for a party, wedding, or special occasion. 

Do not allow yourself to be labeled as “big” and cajoled into a shapeless sack.  You are a Curvy Girl, and you just need to learn how to navigate your own dangerous curves.  Allow me to share with my fellow Rubenesque friends a few shopping pointers when it comes to party dresses and the full figured gal:

Drop that hemline

If you are a plus sized woman, you likely don’t consider your knees your best feature.  You may be surprised at the success of ankle length gowns, you’ll be amazed at how they can elongate your legs and flatter your torso wonderfully. 

A longer dress is usually a more straightforward cut, and skims the body much more nicely than a short, flouncy style would.

A flirty slit up the side of one leg can work wonders in making you feel as sexy as a Bond girl.  Trust me on this one, even if the invite calls for “cocktails” it doesn’t mean you can’t go a little more elegant.

Show off your shape

The one thing we have that the skinny girls covet:  beautiful cleavage.  Show it off, but please make sure that you don’t have them up and out so much that you could serve a plate of hors d'oeuvres from them.  

Do showcase your cleavage tastefully in a deep ‘V’ or sweetheart neckline, and make sure your foundation garment is of such industrial strength as to keep them locked in place all night.

Cover the arms

Please, ladies, no spaghetti straps with bra straps showing.   If you are over a certain age, you probably shouldn't go for a strapless style.  Do make sure the dress will cover your bra straps, and if you are unhappy with your arms, it’s best to find a way to camouflage them.  Some dresses have long, nearly sheer sleeves which give your arms a subtle toning and makes them less noticeable. 

If you do get a sleeveless or capped sleeve dress, try adding a classic bolero jacket; as plain or sparkly as you like.  It will add personality to a simple black dress, cover your arms, keep your warm, and is obviously removable when you hit the dance floor. 

You probably have a pashmina or wrap somewhere in your closet that will work nicely, too.

Cinch that waist with a wrap dress

All hail the perfection of the wrap dress!  This amazing dresses suits all shapes and sizes of woman - and flatters your curves beautifully.

Softly draping and folding around your body, generous at the bust and hips, nipped in nicely at the waist, this style is hard to beat.  

Beware of empire waistlines, they sound like an ideal solution but unless you are small up top, they can end up looking less than flattering. 

Same, too for some belted dresses, often they create more folds around your waist than you want. Solids and graphic colours are good, pay attention to pattern and avoid busy ones. 

It’s very important to buy in the size that fits your chest and hips, and then pay a tailor to fit your waist properly.  This will make a world of difference and solve most of your shopping dilemmas; having the perfect fit is more than worth the cost of alterations.

Go glamorous for formal occasions

For more formal events you'll want to wear something more like an evening or cocktail gown , but whatever you wear at these black tie occassions , ensure you feel comfortable, stylish and glamorous.

For prom there are some beautiful styles specially designed to flatter curvy girls - steer away from any patterns and choose something in a single colour that you feel will give you confidence.

The Size 6 girls are all going to look the same in their little black dresses .  Now is the time to embrace being the unique person you are.   If everyone else is wearing black, try navy blue, deep purple or really go for it with a vibrant red!  If you do end up with black, make your accessories big and luxurious.

Step Forth in Full Figure glory

Think timeless style, think of other glamorous curvy girls like young Elizabeth Taylor, dynamic Marilyn Monroe, sultry Lana Turner and sexy Jane Russell. 

Men’s jaws would hit the floor every time these voluptuous beauties entered a room, and with the right party dress, you can get the same reaction.

So remember, keep your head high, chest out, with a playful smile and wink at the ready. 

Have fun, ladies!  


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