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Wow them at the Luau with Plus Size Hawaiian Wear & Costume  Flower garland - a traditional hawaiin welcome gift

Hawaiian wear is all the rage this year. It features bold colors and bold prints – something that a lot of full figured women think that they can’t wear. This isn’t necessarily true. Given the right cut, the right color, and the right style – Hawaiian clothing can be not only fun, but also flattering.



When it comes to Hawaiian clothing, there are a lot of different places you can wear it including in every day life. It is perfect for vacations, in the summer, and for specific Hawaiian themed parties. If you have a full figure, you can easily find Hawaiian wear that is very complimentary.


Where to Buy Hawaiian Wear


There are several different ways you can buy Hawaiian wear. Of them, keep in mind that the internet will have the biggest selection and very possibly the best prices. This means that if you want to purchase Hawaiian wear and you have a full figure, your best may be to find some online.


Types of Hawaiian Clothes


Basically, you can find a Hawaiian print in just about anything. This includes swimsuits, shorts, shirts, and dresses.


As a full figured woman, the key to wearing these styles with success is to make sure you don’t overdo it. Some people have a hard time wearing different patterns. Sometimes, you may want to use the Hawaiian look as a complete head to toe outfit. Other times, you can use the Hawaiian pieces as an accent – such as wearing a Hawaiian shirt with a pair of jeans.


The idea is to determine what clothing is appropriate for the event that you will be attending.


Considerations for a Fuller Figure


Different sizes and different shapes have specific requirements as to which features need to be accentuated and which shouldn’t be. The idea is to find the cut, style, and color that fits your personality and works best with your figure.


Some people think that full figured women can’t wear patterns. This is further from the truth. Patterns are not only wearable, they can also be flattering. The idea is to find the pattern that works well with the features you want to accentuate and make sure they are in colors that are flattering. For example, a darker toned pattern may be more slimming than one that features a lot of light colors. However, don’t go too dark – the light colors are part of what makes Hawaiian clothing fun!


How to Wear Hawaiian Clothing


Hawaiian clothing may not be appropriate for every situation, such as a cocktail party (unless it has a Hawaiian theme). However, it is appropriate for a lot of different situations, such as casual and semi-casual parties depending on what type of outfit you find. You can also find Hawaiian dresses that can be worn, and also various casual outfits to wear every day.


If you are a full figured woman, it is possible to find Hawaiian clothing that is fun and that compliments those curves.


Wearing Hawaiian prints and clothing such as printed shirts, shorts, swimsuits, and dresses is something that full figured women can enjoy. If you want to purchase these clothes, you can probably find them in some stores. But your best bet for the widest selection is to go online and buy them there. This is your best bet when it comes to finding your size.


Wearing your own Flower Garland or Lei


The flower garland or lei in Hawaiian culture is a wreath of flowers placed around the neck and given to guests upon arriving or leaving.


They can be created from almost anything, including fresh foliage, flowers, sea shells, feathers, paper and are simply strung together and worn as a necklace or wreath.  You could easily create one from crepe or tissue paper - choose bright colors and put them together in a pattern.


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