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Be Confident in Colour !

What sort of colours do you usually wear?

Many women opt for black because they've been told it's slimming.  And yet, did you know that very few people are flattered by wearing black?


Just one look at those "catwalk" style dresses that the celebrities are wearing for film premieres or at the Oscars will tell you that colour can be very flattering if worn well.


Did you know that wearing the colours that suit you could completely change the way you look?


Depending on your skin tone, hair and eye colour you could be one of about six dominate colour types?


Just consider well-known celebrities such as Catherine Zeta-Jones, Julianne Moore, Jennifer Lopez, Kylie Minogue, Elizabeth Taylor and Courtney Cox Arquette to see how different skin tones and hair colours combine for very different looks.


You can find out more about your own dominant colour type from any one of the Colour Me Beautiful books which you can find online or at your local library. Why not get together with a friend and try out different colours held close up to your face to see which suit you best.


Take time to discover what suits you - this can make the difference between walking out each morning feeling confident and beautiful, rather than dowdy and boring.


The secret is that people should see YOU first and not the colour. 


The good news is that it's easy to add colour to your wardrobe with accessories, you don't have to start from scratch!


Knowing what colours suit you will save you a fortune - no more "bargain" buys which get thrown out unworn after a few months, and you'll be able to save time when shopping knowing which shades and colours suit you best.