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Pretty teen in pink formal dress7 Tips for Choosing Plus Size Formal Dresses & Evening Wear

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There was a time when full figured women didn’t have a lot of choices in terms of fashion, including with formal wear and dresses.


Thankfully, times have changed. There are a lot of fashion choices that allow a full figured woman to proudly show off her curves.


Even though there are a lot of choices in terms of sizing for a full figured woman, that doesn’t mean that all of the choices will be good ones. If you need to shop for formal wear or a dress and you wear a full figured size, here are some tips that can help.


1. Correct Size Matters


When shopping for formal wear and dresses, it is very important to be true to your correct size.


If you want to look your best, especially in formal wear, it is important that the garment be well tailored and fit you perfectly. Make sure you try everything on and get it tailored if the garment needs to be altered.


Some people think that by dressing in one size lower than what they really are, they will look thinner. The reality is that it will not make them look their best.


2. Choose a Simple Style


When it comes to finding a dress or other formal outfit, the simpler the style is the better.


Dresses that have a lot of extras such as frills or a heavy pattern draw attention to the curves in a negative way. The idea is to choose a simple cut, such as an A-Line, which will accentuate the curves in a positive way.


3. Simple Fabrics are Best


Another thing to keep in mind is that simple, standard fabrics are best.


Fabrics that have texture, such as velvet, may not be ideal because they will add unnecessary bulk.


The idea is to find something simple so that it can draw attention to your figure in all the right places.


4. Choose Solid Colors


Another thing to keep in mind is that solid colors really are best. Some patterns are fine, as well – such as vertical stripes or a light floral pattern.


However, for formal wear, going too crazy with the patterns is not a good idea because they can highlight parts of your body that you don’t want highlighted.


The goal is to find a color that looks good with both your skin tone and your figure.


5. Show Off Those Curves


Especially where dresses are concerned – don’t be afraid to show off those curves! They really are an asset. Some people think they need to hide their figure behind jackets and boxy dresses.


While this may work for some shapes, this does not flatter others. In other words, don’t hide from your figure – show it off in a tasteful, flattering way.


6. Make Sure They Fit


Don’t be afraid to try on the dresses and formal wear, either.


If you decide you want to purchase something online, you can always return the garments you don’t want. Or, you can always get your measurements and use that to shop.


When you get them in the mail, try them on and honestly assess yourself. You may want to ask others what they think.


7. Understand the Event


If you need to buy formal wear for a specific event, you need to understand what it is and how you should dress. This helps narrow your choices down.


You also may want to choose something versatile, such as a flattering “little black dress”. This is the style of dress that you can wear on a variety of occasions with a little creative accessorising.



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