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Everyone wants to look hot on the beach and by the pool.

Welcome to swimwear, bikinis & swimsuits for curvy women !

Looking for plus size bikinis, swimwear or bathing suits to make the most of your figure and enable you to enjoy time in the sun?  You'll find a range of swimsuits and swimming costumes that have been specially designed with the fuller figured woman in mind.

You can find a huge range of swimwear in plus sizes. There are now even shops that just sell swimwear - so there is plenty of choice available - you just have to choose something to suit you.

Remember, you'll probably need something with support to ensure that you give shape to your top half. Buying a big busted bikini or swimsuit with built in support is a must and will feel far more comfortable! 

Either buy a plain colour, vertical stripes or small pattern - and avoid skimpy straps. The latest fashion for tankinis can also be flattering if you're concerned about showing your tummy - you can be fashionable and modest too.

How To Wear A Sarong

If you're concerned about your swimwear emphasizing your lower half - maybe you're concerned about your bottom or your thighs - then the latests sarongs or pareos are wonderful

If you're not sure how to wear a sarong - just wrap them around your hips and tie them at the side in a bow.

Alternatively, you can fold them in half and wear them as a short skirt.

You can also wear them as a dress, either tied in a knot over your breasts and under your arms - or with the knot tied over one shoulder and under the other arm.

How to Shop Successfully for A Bathing Suit

Question:  What’s worse than bathing suit shopping? 

Answer:  NOTHING!

If you would rather go to the dentist to have your teeth drilled, visit your future mother-in-law who you know secretly thinks you aren’t good enough for her son, or even sit through a golf tournament on television rather than go buy yourself a new bathing suit -- you aren’t alone.

No matter how self assured you think you are most of the time, facing those hideous fluorescent lights and that evil dressing room mirror as a ‘plus size’ girl is enough to send anyone away in tears like a third grader who just got her ponytail pulled. 

Before you go marching bravely into enemy bikini territory you must arm yourself! 

Know what you want !

First you must have a clear idea of what you do NOT want.  Even if the cute little salesgirl insists you try on a handful of suits you already know you hate at first sight, don’t put them on to please her.  If you didn’t like them on the hanger, you won’t make yourself feel any better by hanging them on yourself. 

Next, you need to have some idea of what you ARE looking for.  One piece?  Two piece?   Is this suit really for swimming, or for lounging poolside on a cruise ship or a Jamaican holiday?  Will you mind if it falls off you in the middle of the ocean while scuba diving, or is that your covert objective?  Keep the suit’s primary function in mind so you can limit your choices before you hit the dressing room.

When trying to tame the gorgeous beast that is your body and wrestle it into a bathing suit, it is imperative to pay attention to the suit’s features rather than its pattern.  For example:

·         Make sure your suit has wide, comfortable straps that don’t cut into your shoulders.

·         Does the suit offer body support like a tummy control panel?

·         Don’t pick a suit with a light support ‘shelf’ inside when you know you need underwire cups.

·         Shirred fabrics are fabulous on a full figure, giving the appearance of a cinched waist.

Selecting the Right Style

Most Curvy Girls think that since they aren’t comfortable in a two-piece bikini, they are stuck with a classic one-piece bathing suit.  Not so.  There are more cute options out there today.

Tankini:  This is a great style for us!  It’s two pieces, with a slightly loose, longer “tank” style top over a regular bikini bottom. It hides any tummy bulges and makes you feel less exposed than a skin tight suit.  Comes in a wide variety of athletic-looking styles and many colours and patterns.

Skirtini:  Have you seen one yet?  These are super cute.  A variation of the Tankini, but with a faux skirt front attached to the bottom so as to skim over the tops of your thighs… we love that!

Some two-piece bathing suits offer a third, separate miniskirt option too; so you can wear them over the bottoms for swimming, or as a little cover up.  These suits look like cute tennis outfits to me.  Try one.

Other beachwear items don’t resemble traditional swimsuits much at all.  Now you can buy halter-style tops and pair them cute swim shorts, yes, now made for women.  Hallelujah!

Patterns & Colors for Curvy Women

When considering patterns and colours, it’s just a matter of personal preference.  Beware of anything too lightly coloured, however, it may give the illusion that you are bigger than you are.   Bold patterns or accented colours that focus on the waist or under the bustline of the body draw the eye’s attention to the smallest areas on your body, which is very flattering.

If you want to buy your suit online, make sure it’s returnable, and order more than one size of a suit you like.  I once ordered a dozen swimsuits from a catalogue, picked out a perfect tankini, and sent all the rest back to the store!  And I didn’t have to leave my own bedroom! 

There are lots and lots of online sites, for a start I’d suggest visiting and the Plus Size section of for a wide selection of styles and patterns to begin your search for the perfect suit.

Don't listen to everything the salesgirls tell you.  How can you take the advice of silly, skinny girls who don’t know how to enjoy life and haven’t tasted a cheesecake in years?  Just trust your instincts.

Don’t forget a big floppy sunhat, a gorgeous and chic sarong or pareo, and comfortable sandals! 

Mix & Match with Color

For bikinis - consider mix and match, which allows you to swap and mix tops and bottoms - if you buy them with this in mind, you create more outfits for relaxing on the sunlounger.

Let your imagine run wild and choose something colourful, pretty and delicate to wrap around you & wear down to the pool or the beach. For some great swimsuit ideas, visit Plus Size Swimwear at

Make a note in your diary of the online sale dates for the big companies, or sign up to receive their newsletter, to make sure you can do some bargain shopping in the sales and save $$$'s.

Why not take a look at these designs and see how flattering they can be, whilst still being fashionable and feminine?


Flattering swimwear on sale
Delta Burke Scoop Neck Swimdress Style Swimwear

Hip Hider Halter -  Swim wear

C Cup and UP -  Swimsuit

Front Tie Swimdress Style -  Swim wear
Flattering womens plus size bathing suits with halter neck and detail
Cross Front One Piece Style - Swimsuits

Bandeau Style - Swimwear

Miraclesuit In Living Colour Oceanus Style -  Swimsuit
plus size swimsuits can really show off your figure if they are cut well
Miraclesuit Show Me Some Skin Escape Style - Fuller Figured swimsuits

Carol Wior Tie Side One Piece Style - Swimming Costume

Carol Wior Yoke Ring Swim Dress Style - Plus Size Swimwear

Carol Wior Two Pc Ruffle Suit Style- Women's Swimwear
Pretty blue princess cut swimdress for plus size women
Carol Wior Twist Front Swimdress Style-  swim wear

Speedo Conservative Swimwear

Polyester Sheath -Speedo - Swimwear
This line of cheap plus size swimwear is ideal for women who want to swim regularly and who aren't looking for a fashion item
Speedo Ultraback Moderate Swimsuit

The Summer Season

When the peak of the summer season begins, the much dreaded annual event of swimsuit shopping begins to take place. For plus size women, searching for affordable and stylish plus size swimwear can seem impossible.

Trying on bathing suits can be a terrible or demoralising process , and one many women choose to avoid for as long as possible. Making matters worse is the seeming lack of any cheap plus size swimwear that not only flatters the figure but enhances your womanly curves rather than impairing them.

Luckily there are tons of tips you can use to find swimsuits that will flatter any plus size figure and leave you feeling like the sexy sun goddess you truly are
Just because you’re fuller figured and doesn’t mean you have to cover it all up come swimsuit season.

Quite the contrary! Showing a little skin in just the right places can make you look svelte and super sexy all in one shot. For gals who prefer modesty, choose a one-piece swimsuit that includes a lace or mesh insert. Strategically placed details (a deep V-neck to show off your ample cleavage, for example or a surprising cutout) can amp up your sex appeal even more.

If you’re uncomfortable with your hips or thighs, no problem! With the addition of a flirty sarong to your swimsuit ensemble, you look both glamorous and fashionable whatever the weather.

Color Choices for the Fuller Figured Woman


Dark and cool colors flatter most women, as do certain patterns. Keep in mind when choosing a patterned suit that the print should remain small and not too busy. Solid colors with a splash of a surprising print thrown into the mix is a great idea for plus sized gals, which not only enhance your curves but offer the support and coverage you need.


For shy women, you can certainly cover up but remember less is always more. Too much fabric can add extra bulk to your frame, making you look bigger than you really are. Also try to stay away from white as much as possible, as well as neon colors. These are rarely, if ever, attractive on anyone.


Could You Use A Little Help with your Shape ?


For plus sized women concerned with their stomachs, there are a slew of great bathing suit options on the market that offer discreet, tummy control shaping inside the suit. They truly do work wonders, and give you the self confidence you need to hit the water. If you like the feel of a two-piece but don’t want to bare all in a bikini, consider a stylish tankini. These cover your stomach just enough to keep you confident, while simultaneously giving you the look and feel of a two piece without the skin factor. Whatever you do, stay away from small bikinis or solid colored one pieces.


Insecure women who don’t care for their hips or thighs should consider one of the new mini-skirt bathing suits that are hitting the market. They’re not only cute, they offer the coverage you crave while on the beach or poolside. However, stay away from boy shorts, excess ruffles or skimpy pieces. These not only look unflattering on plus size women, but it draws attention away from your positive assets.


Look Stunning


Whatever your body shape, there are tons of swimwear options for you. Whether you prefer one piece or two, a sarong or nothing at all, you’re guaranteed to look made in the shade come summer by following these simple steps to enhance your curves and flatter your figure.