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Curvy Women on the Beach – Swimwear, Swimsuits & Bikinis for the Fuller FigureAll in one swimdress outfit at the beach


The beach used to be an unwelcoming place for curvier women. Times have changed, especially now that designers are rising to the occasion. They are creating bikinis, swimsuits, and other swimwear for full figured women that compliment the curves and make women feel sexy on the beach.


Gone are the days where full figured women feel the need to cover up their bodies behind roomy dresses and big t-shirts. Flaunt your curves with the right styles for your shape.


So, how do you choose the right swimwear for your body type? Think about the styles and colors that make you feel beautiful and start trying things on. For some shapes, a traditional bikini may not be the best thing, for example. But a bikini will be appropriate on certain full figure shapes. The main idea is that whatever you choose, it needs to compliment your shape.


The Best Suit for Your Shape


Not every plus size swimsuit is created equal. Some styles look better on certain shapes. Things such as bust size, hip size, and how the curves are distributed will all affect which suit you end up with. For example, if your top is smaller than your thighs, you may want to get a skirt style swimsuit that will cover up your problem feature and accentuate your best feature. In order to find the best suit for you it may take some trial and error. 


Swimsuit Styles for Plus Sized Women


Swimwear has gone beyond the standard one piece and the standard bikini two-piece. In fact, these aren’t necessarily the best styles for the full figured woman. In the past few years, nontraditional swimsuit styles have become popular – and these are the ones that are typically the most flattering.


One of the best styles to look into is the “tankini”. This is a swimsuit style that includes a tank top with a bikini bottom. Other variations on the tankini include a tank top with a skirt or a pair of shorts. These are good because they can cover up various spots that need covering, but baring spots that are flattering. The traditional tankini is good for those who have long legs. The tankini version with a skirt is great for those who have shorter legs and who want to accentuate their bust.


But, that isn’t the only swimsuit style. There are some lovely swimsuits modeled after the baby doll style in lingerie which can be good to feature those curves. Other swimsuit styles include the skirt swimsuit, the one piece swimsuit with varying cuts, and other swimsuits that are modeled after certain dress styles.


Deciding on a Style


In order to choose a swimsuit that is right for your figure, it is helpful to have access to a wide variety of styles. Keep in mind that the internet has a large selection. If you decide to buy it online, you could always return it if it doesn’t fit. You can also try on the styles in a store and then order them online.


Choosing a style is about more than finding the right size. Assess your figure and decide what you want to accentuate and what you want to cover up. A suit that fits perfectly and is perfectly suited for your figure will be flattering and is sure to turn heads.


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