plus size dresses and clothing for the fuller figure

The Perfect Mother of the Bride Dresses / Mother of the Groom Outfit


It’s your child’s special day - their wedding day. As a mother, that means that you get to wear something special, designed to bring you honor.


As a full figured woman, you’ll want to find a dress that shows off your curves and is also appropriate for the occasion.

If you have a plus sized figure, you will notice that you have a lot of choices. But, that doesn’t mean that every style will be right for you. Here are some tips to help you choose.




Choosing a Traditional Gown


There was a time when dresses for the mother of the bride or mother of the groom had to possess certain qualities. Nowadays, the only requirement that really holds is that it needs to be a formal gown.


However, since weddings all have different levels of formality then that could change the type of dress to wear. If you have any doubts, just choose a classic, elegant style in a flattering color - either two piece in co-ordinating colors or a dress with matching hat.


Pay Attention to Style


For full figured women, there are certain styles that will be better suited than others. If you notice, most of the plus sized offerings are very simple. There is nothing too frilly or over the top.


Remember that simple is always better. For example, a dress that has a full bottom and a lot of frills will not be very flattering.


On the other hand, a simple A-Line can be very pretty and flattering.


Patterns, Colors, and Other Design Elements


You may notice that not a lot of full figured mother of the bride and mother of the groom dresses are made out of patterned material. There is a reason for this. Not only are patterned dresses not as formal, but they also can be unflattering.


Your best bet is to choose a solid color that is flattering on your skin tone.


Try to avoid finding dresses that have more than one color, although some of them can work depending on the colors. Some styles, for example, will feature a different colored top than a bottom. Try to avoid this because it can be unflattering.


Design elements can be very pretty and flattering. Some formal dresses include things like rhinestones, lace, or extra ties.


Properly placed, these elements can be very flattering. If overdone or placed in the wrong spot, they could highlight parts of your figure that you don’t want highlighted.


Your Curves are an Asset


When it comes to these elegant gowns, your curves could really be an asset. The tendency may be to purchase a gown that has a boxy shape or has a jacket. But this could do the opposite of what you intend. Sometimes, it’s better to find a way to accentuate the curves instead of hide them. Keep that in mind while you are looking for styles.


Make Sure it is Well Tailored


You want the dress that you find to fit correctly. If it doesn’t it won’t be as flattering as it could be. For example, if one size is too small but the size up is too large for your frame, buy the larger size and arrange for a tailor to make the alterations.

The end result will be something that is custom made for your shape.


When it comes to looking your best on that special day, that is one of the things that is the most important - so choose something that you feel great in and enjoy the day !


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