plus size dresses and clothing for the fuller figure

Choosing A Plus Size Winter Coat

Your winter coat is an investment , so you'll want to buy something that you can wear again and again.









It's also good to choose outerwear in a colour that'll match in with your existing outfits.

There are several styles that are particularly fashionable at the moment - heavy velvets, duffle coats, military style and cardigan coats.

A full figured woman is likely to look best in either the military style coat with detail at the shoulders, the collar and the buttons, or the soft style cardigan coat.

Your best fabrics are soft fabrics that hang well but don't cling to you, so choosing thicker fabrics will not be flattering!

This might mean trying on a few different coats to get the feel of what works and doesn't work for you.

Choose something with a straight line to it - something like an A-line or a cardigan style.

If there's any detail, it's best to be on the collar or shoulder area, rather than the pockets (avoid these where possible) or hemline.

Go for minimal patterns or plain fabrics as these will look more slimming than big patterns.

So, if you love colour, style and patterns, the key to jazzing this outfit up is accessories. A great idea is to add fabulous scarves or pashminas, bold jewellery, necklaces - add as much colour and extravagance as you dare!

Pretty Plus Size Rain Coats

For wet weather, it's important to be able to keep dry - either using an umbrella (do you have a lightweight pretty one that you love to use?) or a rain coat . 

Try to avoid shapeless bulky jackets designed for men that hide your shape.  Instead, be bold and try something a little longer that has a flowing shape to it.

Team up with snazzy scarf and statement jewellery for a knockout effect. 

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