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Being Curvy & Healthy - Healthy Living for the Plus Size Woman

Whether it's running, swimming, tennis or dance - keeping fit and healthy is important for all women

It's important to love yourself and your body for what it is. 

Girls love to talk about fashion, and enjoy providing helpful tips on what to wear to best show off our pretty curvy girl shape. 

But when does being voluptuous and soft cross the line and become unhealthy and life-threatening?

It doesn’t really have as much to do with the number staring back at you on your scales as first thought by most professionals.  It used to be that your BMI (Body Mass Index – a calculation of body fat determined by one’s height and weight and age) was the only number of importance to your doctor.  Not so anymore. 

As the body weight of Americans, Canadians, and many other countries’ citizens climbs increasingly higher, health professionals have to look at other factors to determine what is “normal” and healthy anymore. 

Know Your Numbers

First, arrange an appointment to see your doctor to get a proper picture of your true health. 

Don’t rely on past information.  If you haven’t had a physical in 3 years, it’s time to go back.  There is some basic, yet vital information you need to know to begin to understand your personal health situation.

Ask your doctor to test your blood pressure, your cholesterol (both the HDL lipoproteins – the ‘good’ kind and LDL lipoproteins - the ‘bad’ kind), as well as your triglycerides and insulin levels.

Get a print out of all the results so you know where you fall within the normal parameters of these tests.

Determine Your Risk Factors

What is your BMI?  Are you officially “ obese ”?  Do what you can to lose enough weight to take you down to the lower level.  Sometimes losing just a few pounds can make a big difference to your BMI score. 

Where do you carry your weight?  Women with thick midsections (more than 35 inches) are at a far greater health risk than those who carry the weight in their bottoms and legs.  If you're overweight, medical evidence suggests that your chances of diabetes, heart diseases, hypertension and other serious problems go up. 

A family history of diabetes also plays a part in increasing your health risks.  If so, tell your doctor.

If you are a heavy drinker or smoker, you are adding significant damage to your already at-risk body.  Get medical help to try to cut out and quit habits.

Eat from Every Food Group

Remember that there are four food groups (fruits & vegetables, bread & grains, dairy, and meat & protein), and at each meal your plate should have items from at least 3 different groups on it. 

Find natural, healthy substitutes for junk food. 

For example, when you feel like nibbling try grapes and cut up pieces of juicy fruits like melons or oranges.  These make gorgeously sweet snacks for any time of day. 

If you like salty, crunchy snacks, replace your potato chips with crunchy almonds, sunflower seeds, pistachios or low fat, air-popped popcorn.

Stop the Vicious Cycle

Do you suffer from insatiable sugar cravings?  You may find these disappear if you give up coffee or tea. 

If you are one to drink a few cups of either hot beverage in the morning, you get an unnatural energy buzz.  However, when the caffeine high wears off in mid-afternoon, many women hit the sugary snacks for a fast energy pick-up.  It becomes a vicious circle, with one bad habit feeding the other. 

By killing the caffeine addiction, your body will be able to stabilize better throughout the day, and you won’t have to navigate the sugar highs and lows all day long.  It cuts back on the desire for sugar considerably. 

This doesn't mean giving up your favorite drinks, simply switch to one of the many quality brands of decaffeinated tea or coffee.

After a week, see if you don’t feel better already, but don't try for just a few days, as your body may be craving caffeine.

No one is going to wrestle your favorite junk food away from you.  Go ahead and have that special indulgence once in a while. 

Just remember to have all things in moderation !

Tips for Girls & Teens

Making fitness enjoyable is the key - rather than it being seen as a necessity.

Cool Danskin workout clothing - perfect for a visit to the gym

There's so many cool dance classes - either at your local gym or dance school - whether it's  ballet for younger girls, through to formal ballroom, or the more modern salsa, hip hop & street dance.

Girls will also love a shopping trip with mom to buy some of the stunning Lycra® dancewear that's available from cool brands like Danskin , after the first few try out sessions.

Not only is this a great way to get fit and help lose a little weight, but it's fun, enjoyable and addictive too!

Keep Moving with Swimming, Dance & Walking

Dance, dance, dance! 

Find the most enjoyable way you like to work up a sweat, and make time for it several times a week. 

You’ll feel better, look better, and you do your body a world of good just by moving it, whether you drop any weight or not. 

Your first goal must be to trim those potentially dangerous inches from your waist.  You need to have clear arteries and an efficient cardiovascular system, and the only way to achieve one is to work your body any way you can! 

Walking, swimming, dancing… pick any activity.  The more you enjoy it the more you’ll stick with it.

You can be both curvy and healthy, still enjoy your small pleasures while maintaining an active, balanced life. 

Do it for yourself, you are worth it!

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