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Plus Size Bikinis For Fuller Figures - Perfect for the Beach

Short floral sarong Plus Size Swimwear

Whilst you might envy those girls wearing the mini bikinis - curvier girls often need more support and coverage !

One things for sure, full figured women need more than a string bikini to hold their top half in place - and they've got more to show off in that department than most of the size 0 models too!

So whether you're off to the beach, the hot tub, pool or sauna, it's important to invest in the right style for the fuller figure.

So don't be tempted to opt for the cheaper string bikinis available in most stores - they simply don't offer the support you need, one unplanned movement and you might be displaying far more than you had planned!

Investing in a good quality swimsuit will pay off - you'll enjoy your time on the beach and you'll be able to wear it for more than one season.

For women who need support, there are a range of bra-sized designs, that offer well fitted support for the larger bust. 

You'll find a range of separate swimwear styles, depending on what part of your figure you might wish to cover up.  A tankini style is great for women who want to hide their tummy, whilst the 50's style shorts can work well for a woman who wants a big more fabric covering her bottom.

Red & Blue Large Size Bikini Top Although halternecks are lovely looking - be aware of the dangers of any bikini that has ties that looks so pretty, yet can easily come untied at the wrong moment.   However, these can look very flattering for curvy girls.

For the curvier woman, you want to find a well-fitting suit that hugs your curves and isn't going to move anywhere - and particularly not when you jump or dive into the pool!

For colors, choose either a plain fun color (this is one time that black really isn't likely to work best ) or a bright bold floral print.

Do take a look at the washing instructions - some of the designer brands aren't designed to get wet or be worn in chlorine filled water. 

If you're feeling self conscious, it's possible to accessorise with jewellry, fabulous sandals, a brightly colored beach towel, or a sarong.

How You Can Wear A Sarong

Here's one easy way to give yourself confidence by the pool or on the beach - invest in a couple of sarongs that complement the color of your swimsuit or bikini.  These are an inexpensive way to really boost your wardrobe and can allow you to invest more in a couple of flattering, supportive swim suits.

We all have parts of our body we want to hide and parts that we are proud of - using accessories in this way can be fun and creative.

So, here's a few ways you can tie your sarong :-

  1. Fold it in half and tie at the side, as show in the picture above
  2. Wear full length, tied at the side
  3. Wear full length, tied just below the armpits and above the chest
  4. Wear full length, with the knot tied over one shoulder - this can look quite alluring, if you get it right!

Whatever you do - walk with confidence and you will find people are drawn to look at you.

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