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Into medieval costumes, dressing up as a French Maid or school girl?

Wanting something special for a fancy dress party where you want to dress as a belly dancer, disco diva or renaissance woman, you'll find some ideas that will spark.  So, party on down!

A fancy dress party can be fun and the great news it that there are plenty of online stores specialising in plus size costumes for every shape,size,colour and fantasy! 

Whatever your dream, fantasy or desire, you can probably get it by shopping online.

Here's a few ideas as to who or what you can dress up as:-

  • Cowboy or Girl - add a hat, fringed jacket and boots to look like you've just stepped out of a western movie or the wild west !
  • Saloon Girl - put together a flouncy skirt and slightly low cut top , and get ready to serve a few whiskies
  • Marilyn Monroe - don a blonde wig , pad out your boobs and don a 50's dress
  • Flapper (dress style from the 20's) - pop on a dropped waist dress or a straight dress with a sash tied around the waist. Add a bob hairstyle and a band round your head - which though not strictly correct, is what people associate with the roaring twenties
  • Barbie princess - go wild and use your imagination - anything goes!
  • Disney characters - this can be as simple as buying a mask, or you can go all the way and hire the full costume
  • Opera singer - gives you free range to dress up in any vintage clothing
  • Hula dancer in hawaiian wear
  • Disney characters - from Hannah Montana to Belle from Beauty & the Beast, from the Incredibles to Mary Poppins, from Winnie the Pooh to Peter Pan, Mickey Mouse to the Lion King, from Tarzan to Toy Story & Transformers - these alone provide sufficient inspiration for any costume party

Still looking for ideas, check out this Youtube video or browse online for the latest fashions for 2011:-

It's possible to find and buy fancy dress for any occasion you can imagine !

Here's our top pick of the costumes:-



Adult Black or Red Spanish Beauty Costume

 Cinderella in a ballgown

Spanish Beauty

Adult Super Deluxe Renaissance Maiden Costume
Look like Marilyn in her white dress

Renaissance Costume

Marilyn Monroe style

Christmas Tree Costume
Adult Premier Queen of Hearts Costume

Really want to hide at the Christmas party

try this Christmas Tree outfit!

Queen of Hearts

Images Courtesy: Costume Craze

Whatever style of party you're going to, or whether you're just dressing up for a bit of fun, you're sure to find there's a style to suit you.  Check out our selection of costumes from Hips and Curves below.

Costume for Couples

If you've been invited as a couple - here's a few easy ideas that you can create.  Some of them have been popular year after year, others are relatively new additions:- 

Doctor & Nurse,  Peter Pan & Wendy, Ken & Barbie, Marilyn Monroe & Elvis, Romeo & Juliet, Cinderella & Prince Charming, Shrek & Princess Fiona, Cowboy & Saloon Girl, Zorro & Elena, Posh Spice & David Beckham, Wallace & Gromitt, Adam & Eve, and for the really romantic, Rhett Butler & Scarlett O'Hara.

Remember, your partner may feel self-conscious about dressing up - so do bear this in mind when choosing both outfits . 

If you can dress him as a superhero, so much the better!

For real effect, hiring or buying a costume can be less stressful and more effective than trying to make your own - also, they'll include all those essential accessories that help give an authentic look. 

Lingerie Costumes

To add a bit of fun and enjoyment, there's a whole range of attractive costumes in lingerie styles.  Here's a few ideas for Valentine's Day, but you can find nurses outfits, school girl themed wear and plenty of interesting and exciting outfits.

They are sumptuously sexy without being too obvious - and they'll flatter your curvy figure so beautifully.  Ideal for a tarts and vicars party - just make sure that you take something to cover up and keep warm if the evening grows cold later on.

Dressing up for Halloween

It's an established tradition to dress up in a fancy costume for halloween on the 31st October each year, so plan ahead if you want to be sure of having the right costume with all the accessories.

Of course, the popular stores are really busy in the run up to Halloween and may run out of various sizes, whether you're buying, hiring or renting, do it in plenty of time.

Flapper Dresses from the 20's & 30's

An easy to copy fashion from the twenties and thirties is that of the flapper, with their typically simple low-waisted dress and headwear and enjoy a tea dance or two. 

Cheerleader Costumes

Discover some great ideas for dressing up in a cheer outfit, available in a wide range of sizes at