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Perfect Plus Size Bridal Lingerie

What bride doesn't want to wear something sexy and alluring for her honeymoon ?

With that wonderful saying ringing in your head, "Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue", one of the items of clothing that it's great fun to buy new for your wedding is something to wear under your gown. 

Bridal Lingerie – Get Sexy for Your Honeymoon 



Your wedding day is not only special, but also sexy – especially during the honeymoon.


The wedding dress is definitely important – if you find a dress that you feel beautiful in and that compliments your curvy figure perfectly, you’ll look radiant. But the lingerie definitely should not be ignored.


For the full figured woman, lingerie can accentuate your best features – your curves. But, there are some things to keep in mind while you look.


Also, the fact that you are buying the lingerie to go with your wedding dress also poses some special considerations. Here are some tips:


Match it Your Wedding Dress


The lingerie should match your wedding dress. So, if your wedding dress is off-white, so should your lingerie. Keep in mind that this isn’t a hard and fast rule, though. It’s just a guideline.



If you’re a girl who likes a little spice, it’s perfectly okay to include it in your bridal lingerie, such as a fun color. Just make sure it doesn’t show through the dress. If your gown is more informal, you have a little more leeway in terms of the kind of lingerie you choose.


Make Sure it Compliments Your Gown



You spend all this time purchasing the right gown for your big event – one that compliments your figure.


The worst thing you can do at this point is purchase lingerie to wear underneath that simply doesn’t look right. You shouldn’t be able to see the lines for your lingerie through your dress. So, when you go to purchase your bridal lingerie, have your dress with you, if you can.


Try on the lingerie with the dress so you can get an idea for if it looks good.


Finding Plus Sized Bridal Lingerie



It can be tough finding plus sized lingerie, especially if you try to shop for it locally. So, you may need to look online to find what you need. You may be able to find some bridal lingerie locally, but you may not find a big variety. Keep in mind that you will find the greatest variety on the internet.


Style Choices for Bridal Lingerie


There is a lot more to bridal lingerie than simple panties and bras. There are different styles of bras and panties as well as garter belts and hosiery. Not only that, but there is a whole other aspect of bridal lingerie – the clothes you will wear on your wedding night.


At some point, the wedding gown will come off, and you will put something else on – such as a sexy silk shift or camisole.


Be True to Your Style … and Your Husband’s


Chances are, you have your own personal style, especially when it comes to lingerie. Your future husband may also have his preferences. Since there are so many choices, you will be at your most comfortable and therefore at your sexiest if you end up with something that is true to your style. You want something that you’ll feel comfortable in because when you are comfortable, you’ll look your sexiest.



When it comes to choosing bridal lingerie, there are a few things you need to keep in mind.


First of all, you need to make sure that it in some way compliments your gown. Also, you definitely need to feel sexy in general in it but with a romantic air.


There are many choices, you may want to look online for all of your options, especially if you need to find plus size lingerie that will compliment your figure.


Lace front bodice corset

This is one occasion when you probably won't want something that's purely functional, but you'll want to indulge in masses of silk, satin and lace in sexy colours. 

Alternatively, add a twist like a lace-up front for a bit of fun and intrigue for when you get undressed.

They'll also serve a very practical purpose as the slimming boning gives support and adds shape.  Do buy matching panties or thongs for the complete look.

Find more ideas on choosing the right size and style of corsetry .

Tights , Girdles,  Panties, Babydoll, Pantyhose 

Your wedding day is the one day you can really splash out on something special for your legs.

Sexy Black Baby Doll

Some silky smooth pantyhose with a little support can be great, or you might prefer (as many men do) to wear a suspender belt and stockings.

Just the whisper of the fact that you're wearing stockings will do wonders for heating things up on your wedding night!

A sexy black baby doll hidden away in your suitcase for later on in the honeymoon will be a great surprise and just what you both need after all those tiring wedding preparations.

Do only buy items that you feel comfortable with wearing and that offer support in all the right places.

Once you return from honeymoon, why not occasionally treat yourself to more romantic and sexy lingerie .