plus size dresses and clothing for the fuller figure

Plus Size Clothing TipsSexy off the shoulder look from beautiful curvy woman

Looking for clothes & dresses to flatter your figure?

Fed up with the feeling that you've got nothing to wear when you go to your wardrobe ?

Or wondering how to wear the latest fashions in ways that work for the fuller figure ?

Perhaps you've just stopped enjoying going shopping and choosing clothing?

This site is dedicated to helping curvy women feel great about themselves and their body and is full of tips for choosing fashions and fabulous contemporary clothing & dresses that you'll feel confident and gorgeous in.

Looking for Trendy Plus Size Fashions ?

Plus size women used to find it hard to find fashionable, stylish and affordable clothing that was designed especially for the full figured woman - no longer, there's a wide range of stores and designs to choose from. 

In the past few years, designers and retailers have sprung up that offer the latest styles in plus sizes, offering clothing that's fashionable and perfect for curvy girls.

There's even been catwalk shows exclusively to show off the haute couture style designs for the bigger woman.

Summer Fashions for Full Figure Clothing

Stylish summer wear for teens doesn't have to be expensive

Preparing your wardrobe for summer 2012 and choosing the right sun or beachwear can be difficult after a winter of covering up.

So invest in a few staples that you love and will give you confidence - buying one outfit at a time, rather than buying one item at a time.  That way you'll be able to wear it straight away, rather than waiting to find a top or bottom in a matching color.

The key is to draw attention to the parts of your body that you love (the curvy bits !) and take focus away from the ones you feel self conscious about (whether it's your arms, legs, shoulders or bottom).

Learning a few simple style tips can really help you understand how you can look fashionable, feel comfortable and look fabulous!

Showing Off Your Curves

Although we may not admit it, all women have something they want to hide about themselves and some part of the body that they enjoy showing off. 

If you have great legs, don't be afraid to show them off in a cute, flirty skirt with a sexy pair of heels to define your calves.

A skirt that finishes just below the knee is flattering and trendy, showing off your legs while remaining stylish.

Use Color Creatively

Many bigger girls opt for wearing black, thinking that dark colors work best.

In fact, choosing the right colors can make you look slimmer, and can help you create your own definitive confident style.

Put your black back in the wardrobe, unless it's for the officeSo start buying more color and make the best use of your blacks and navy blues by adding a splash of color with a scarf or bright necklace. 

So try and work with colors that flatter your skin tone, if you're not sure what these are, ask your friends. 

Another way of telling is to look at whether you can see the color or you first when you're wearing a top or dress, if you see the dress, as lovely as it is, put it back on the hanger - the purpose of any clothing is to draw attention to you, you are not a clothes hanger!

If you can afford it, book yourself a Color Me Beautiful consultation, as although these aren't cheap, you'll save yourself the money time and time again through ensuring that everything in your wardrobe is something that looks great on you and boosts your confidence.

Formal & Special Occasion DressesYoung woman in simple prom gown with hair down

If you're a woman who lives in pants or comfortable clothing, dressing up for a special event can be something of a challenge. 

So many designers have started to create styles especially for the fuller figure, that you can really look forward to a great shopping trip. 

For spring and summer, look for patterned dresses and try to pick a big floral print which can look great on a curvy girl.  Whatever designs you prefer, there's probably a way to accessorise to bring it bang up to date with the latest fashion trends.

Fashion Guru Tips - What to Wear

Unless you are stick thin, layering isn't going to work for you, as it will just make you look bulky and unfeminine.

However, there are some cute wraps and shrugs that can add interest without adding bulk, and a couple of these could be added to your wardrobe to enable you to ring the changes with your outfits.

Shopping Online

The great news is that designers and stores have woken up to the massive demand for fashionable and sexy styles of plus size clothing - rather than the baggy shapeless styles of the past. 

You can now find stores and online sites that stock sizes 1X to 8X in fun and enjoyable styles that you can feel confident in.

The only thing that remains is for you to find your own inimitable style - whether it's classic, casual or confidently outrageous.

Once you know the right styles for you, there'll be fewer "nothing to wear" days, you may find shopping easier and more enjoyable and your wardrobe will be full of clothes you can't wait to wear!