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Plus Size Corsets & ShapewearPretty corset with laces

Your underwear can be your secret weapon for looking fabulous!

Whether you choose them for everyday or just special occasions, having some figure controlling underwear in your wardrobe can be your secret weapon on days when you just feel fat and frumpy.

It's possible to actually lose inches and boost your confidence simply by changing your underwear - no more trying to slim or lose weight, you can now do it instantly in as long as it takes to pull on a pair of panties!

Overbust Corsets for Larger Ladies

 Built to show off your curves and enhance your full figure shape, a corset can also help hold in and shape those parts of your body that need a little control.

Don't just buy a corset that's designed as a fashion item, but get one that offers support and shaping for your figure.

You'll find that you can find different fabrics, from chinese silk to satin, from leather to brocade.

When shopping around - you'll want to check for comfort, fit, support and appearance.

Make sure that your breasts don't push out of the top leaving an unflattering line under your clothing and that if you're buying it for a special occasion, you take the dress with you to try on over the top - ruling out the possibility of any unpleasant surprises when getting dresses on the day itself.

Do invest in something that will last - unless you find that your size fluctuates widely - as you will definitely find plenty of occasions to wear it once you've experienced just how great it looks and feels.

Shapewear | Slimming Underwear

 One of the best recent introductions on to the market are what are known as "Magic Knickers" - designed to have a slimming effect for any woman who has a bulging tummy or bottom.

Buying shapewear in the right sizes and dimensions will help to smooth the outline of your body and can help you to loose inches from your waistline, hence the term magic, as most women are delighted with the results.

Choose a color that will work well with your outfit - so white, cream or skin tone for lighter colors and black for darker fabrics.  If you're trying to hide a tummy, choosing the high waist options can help hold it in and firm out your stomach.

For most women who don't have the time to diet, this is the perfect answer to be able to look amazing and slimmer, without the effort.

And, of course, this can really boost your confidence, and is so helpful for special occasions such as weddings, parties and other formal events.

Keeping In Shape with Lingerie

Whilst some women associate the word lingerie with naughty nights on honeymoon, there's little doubt that indulging in some pretty lacy or sexy satin undergarments can really lift even the most boring day at the office.

 For long, tiring days standing, treat yourself to some support pantyhose - you'll notice the difference at the end of the day.

On special occasions, treat yourself to some fishnet style pantyhose in black or skin tones - these can be remarkably slimming with a really sexy edge - and will certainly attract attention.

This is where you can really have fun wearing them with stunning high heeled shoes or sandals to show off your shapely legs.

Bracli - The Hottest New Number

Since their appearance in popular "Sex in the City", Bracli, which are pearl thongs have become sought after items of luxury wear. This really is the ultimate in designer luxury and an ideal (if expensive) gift for any woman.

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