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Every young woman is excited by the prospect of her first formal dress for her coming of age Quinceanera celebration.  

All around the world, latin cultures from Central & South America, Puerto Rico, Mexico, Cuba & El Salvador - young women are honoured on their Quinceanos - or fifteenth birthday.

The party doesn't start until after the formality of a religious ceremony, which is a tradition that has been created over many years.  The priest will oversee the ceremony which is attended by family and friends.
This is the moment when you will pass from being a girl to a young woman, it's really your own special "coming of age" event.
Depending your family tradition, it may also be a celebration of you remaining "pure" and haven't succumbed to drugs or anything.
The gifts are part of the symbolism for the Quinceanera - the wearing of a tiara to symbolise passing from childhood and a readiness to face the challenges of life ahead.  A bracelet represents the unending circle of life, whilst earrings and a cross are reminders of her faith and the importance of the word of God.
Passing on of her "last doll" to a younger sister is another symbolic way to show that the young woman has now left childhood and passed into adulthood.

How to Celebrate Your Quinceanera - the Party !

This is one celebration that is planned well in advance - much like any wedding .
Invitations are prepared, food is planned, ball gowns are tried on and bought, flowers and limos are arranged and much dancing is planned.
Prom and homecoming style dresses for the damas (similar to bridesmaids) and formal clothing for the chambelanes (young men who accompany the damas) is chosen - colors and designs are agonized over (although it's also fine to just have the Quincenera herself, without anyone to accompany her).
For curvy girls, you'll find some beautiful styles and designs of dress for you and your friends at in a range of larger sizes.  If you prefer, ask mom to help you choose the fabric and sewing pattern and have your gown custom made by a local seamstress.
Much like a wedding, there's decorations for a quinceanera celebration to be chosen and even a table centerpiece may be desired.
Stuck for ideas ?  There's plenty of inspiration and photos online to get your creative juices flowing.
Whatever happens - the father-daughter dance is a much-anticipated part of the celebrations - the song will have been chosen weeks before and it'd be a hard-hearted father who manages to complete the dance with his daughter without a tear in his eye.
Apart from your wedding, this is likely to be one of the few occasions where you can really enjoy dressing up and being the centre of attention - make the most of it and have a wonderful time ! 
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