plus size dresses and clothing for the fuller figure

Choosing the Perfect Homecoming Dresses

Being a plus size girl can feel restricting when you go shopping, but it on today’s high street, you really needn’t feel held back at all. There are loads of stores which sell excellent plus-size ranges, or simply stock a bigger selection of sizes.



For example, one of the hottest names on the British high street, Monsoon, secretly stocks up to a size 22 in their gorgeous clothing.


If however you still don’t feel comfortable with going highstreet shopping, then there is an even bigger stock of sexy homecoming dresses online; and when your friends ask you to go shopping, stick to choosing accessories, shoes and bags.

Homecoming Dresses for Plus Size Girls

Homecoming dresses for fuller figure girls ought to be simple to find, as many of the styles for this occasion will suit fuller figured shapes.


Here are a few cuts and styles to look out for:


Knee length  - showing off an asset of yours is important, and revealing flesh is essential to making yourself look at your best and feel special. So, if your fave feature is your legs, then get them out in a seductively modest knee length number.


V-neck - the most youthful part of any woman is her décolletage (her low neckline), which can therefore be a very flattering attribute to show off. Be as daring as you want with how low you choose the neckline to be, but make sure that your chest gets great support from well-fitted lingerie.


Fitted - the most important part about finding a good plus size dress, is making sure that it truly fits you. To check the sizing in the fitting room, take a little walk around, and if you have to adjust the dress anywhere after doing so (pulling it down or hoiking it up) , then it may not be the right dress for you. The perfect gown should skim over your shape, with no extra fabric anywhere, and not tight or bunching in any place.


Halter - plenty of gowns online that are sold as plus sizes come in halter shapes. Look for ones with fitted bodices, rather than a flimsy tie-up-at-the-neck piece of fabric as this will be uncomfortable and unreliable when dancing.


50’s - take inspiration from this sensational period of clothing history, when women loved their curves and looked to women like Marilyn Monroe for fashion tips. Lots of styles from these years were made for fuller figured women, so copy them, think Elizabeth Taylor and full skirts.