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Stylish Womens Professional Clothing in Classic DesignsStylish heels and simple top set off this smart suit

As a professional, there's an expectation of the classic style and elegance that you'll be expected to wear at the office.

For shapely women, wide leg or bootleg trousers can be most flattering as they draw the eye down and can create the illusion of height too.

Tailored jackets can work well for curves, so buying these can enhanced your curves in all the right places whilst the length of the jacket falls below your hips, which many women prefer to hide !

Suits, Two Piece Outfits or Dresses ?

Whatever style you prefer - find something in shades that add color to your complexion and shows off your curves.

Don't be tempted to just for black - or if that's what you've got in your wardrobe - add some color with jewelry and scarves.  If you've got it, flaunt it!

In fact, the more curvy you are, the more flamboyant you can probably dress.

Don't try and be conservative when that's not how you feel - indulge in the clothes that you love, walk with confidence and people will respond to that. 

"Dress for the job you want, not the job you've got" - that's a good motto.

So, if you want your bosses job - start to change the way you act and the clothes that you wear. 

Don't wait until your next interview to consider how you present your image - start to change it now, the most important changes happen inside your head, after all.

What's Appropriate Clothing ?

If you're not sure what's appropriate - why not look around at the styles that are being worn.

That being said, don't always follow the trend - sometimes it's important to be the trend setter and show that you can dress with flair and still be just as good at your job.

Women's Plus Size Career Suit

Women's Plus Size Career Suit

Women's Plus Size Career Suit

Women's Plus Size Career Suit

Women's Plus Size Career Suit

Women's Plus Size Career Suit

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