plus size dresses and clothing for the fuller figure

Plus Size Modelling

- increasingly popular


Few models have as much fun as plus size models have!


There are so many opportunities for the plus size model in the modeling industry.


Many people believe that modeling is for the super thin only, this is simply not true. There are more people gravitating towards using fuller figured models today then ever before.

This is especially true since the furore that was created at the Spring 2007 fashion shows in Paris and New York, with London refusing to join in and not use stick-thin models.


Some famous models are putting on extra weight, because they too want to be seen as voluptuous and sexy. Several highly paid super models have recently put on significant weight to be considered more busty, if you already have the weight, why not use it to your advantage. The first thing to know about modeling is the different areas of focus that you can work in, below some of the most popular areas are listed.


Glamour models and lingerie models typically almost nude for the camera. Before you throw your hands up in protest, glamour plus size models have been featured in Victoria’s Secret, j crew, and other major brand name catalogs.


There is a lot of business for models in this area because of the growing response to online shopping by the fuller figured woman, especially for lingerie & intimates.


Swimsuit models are also in high demand. Models will try on various swimsuits for the camera, and usually be photographed on the beach, or in a sunny style atmosphere. The models in swimsuit advertisements usually have nice skin complexion, and relative tone to their muscles.


Sportswear is another popular category for plus size models. The plus sized model that tries this venue will find various photo shoots every day involving plus size models and sportswear clothing. The category of sportswear plus size model is a large one to fill; it really means most casual clothing style models. As a plus size model you will be fitted for sport coat, blouses, dresses, pants, and much more. This is probably the best venue for a plus size model to start out because you won’t be asked to wear anything too risky.


Woman modelling a bathrobe for fuler figured womenThe best way for a model to get started is to have a photo portfolio done. This portfolio can showcase your strengths  and help you obtain work.


Your portfolio is relatively easy to create, and essentially takes only a few emails to send out to prospective employers. The portfolio is simply a group of professional modeling style pictures of yourself in one static location ready to be distributed both electronically and on paper. 


Find out more about modelling poses and have a flattering set of photos created at posing secrets.


If you want to one day be like a famous model you see on T.V., start with creating your own portfolio, and some sportswear gigs, and move your way up the ranks.


Before you know it you will be the hottest thing on the runway, and you won’t have to drop a single pound to do it.

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