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Winter Plus Size Coats, Jackets & Outer wearKeep warm this winter - invest in a new coat or long jacket

Looking for the coats, leather jackets and coats?

Whether it's coats, leather jackets or scarves, gloves and woolly hats, keeping warm and dry this winter can also be a real fashion statement!

Keep warm and cuddly in a faux fur coat this winter, wear classic designs of leather jackets or bundle up in a weather proof 

There are definitely some styles that you should avoid - and some that will flatter your figure and make the most of those parts of your body you love.

If you're off skiing, you'll need something well insulated, such as the North Face range of jackets, which are available in a range of sizes.  

Do choose clothing which is designed with skiing in mind, for warmth and style.

Choosing A Plus Size Winter Coat or Jacket

Your winter coat is an investment , so you'll want to buy something that you can wear again and again.

It's also good to choose outerwear in a colour that'll match in with your existing outfits, or choose something in a bright cheerful color, such as red.

Buy it in a fabric that moves well with your body - for most women, the classic tweed jacket is not an option as it adds bulk to your body and is made of a stiffer fabric.

There are several styles that are particularly fashionable at the moment - heavy velvets, duffle coats, military style and cardigan coats.

A full figured woman is likely to look best in either the military style coat with detail at the shoulders, the collar and the buttons, or the soft style cardigan coat.

Fabulous Fabrics & Styles

Your best fabrics are soft fabrics than hang well but don't cling to you.  Choosing thicker fabrics will not be flattering!

Choose something with a straight line to it - something like an A-line or a cardigan style.

If there's any detail, it's best to be on the collar or shoulder area, rather than the pockets (avoid these where possible) or hemline.

Go for minimal patterns or plain fabrics.

They key to jazzing this outfit up is accessories.  Of course, you'll want gloves to co-ordinated and then you can add fabulous scarves or pashminas, bold jewellery, necklaces - add as much colour and extravagance as you dare!

Buying on a Budget

The best time to buy when you can find cheaper options are in the end of season close-outs or sales - stores often heavily discount certain lines and it's not unusual to find discounts of up to 50% or sometimes more.

This is one great way of building up a wardrobe of classic items without it costing too much - make a mental list of what you want and then go shopping at sale time.

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