plus size dresses and clothing for the fuller figure

Plus Size Women's Fashions & Clothing - Top TipsThere are some fabulous dresses for girls in plus sizes


The days of boring plus size clothing are over.



Now, a full figured woman has no problem wearing stylish clothing, provided that they know how to dress to accentuate their curves and the best features on their figures. Not every full figured woman is the same. Body types vary. But, there are some style principals that will apply when you go and look for full figured clothing.


It isn’t enough to simply find a style that is in your size. You need to make sure that the colour of the garment and the style is both suitable for your body type. Here are some tips:


Make sure the Garment Fits


One very important thing to keep in mind is that you need to make sure the garment fits properly. Something that is too large or too small will draw attention to your figure in a negative way. Something that has a flattering shape and is in the proper size will look wonderful. A garment that doesn’t fit well will not help you look your best.


Baggy Clothes are not Flattering


One thing to remember is that baggy clothes are not flattering. You may be tempted to purchase large dresses and t-shirts that hide your shape. Don’t let yourself do this. Your curves are something to be proud of. The best thing you can do is get rid of the oversized shirts and find clothes that have styles that are flattering and make you look your best.


Pants, Skirts, and Shorts


When it comes to pants and skirts, basic cuts will be the most flattering. For skirts, the a-line is a classic. For pants and jeans, you need to make sure that the cut is flattering as well as the cover. Also beware of pockets. Those could draw attention to the wrong spots. If you like a pair of pants, you can bring it to a tailor to remove the pockets. These same tips also apply to shorts, just make sure the length is flattering.


Highlight Your Curves with the Right Dress

Dresses are an essential to any wardrobe. For the full figured woman, this means that you can show off your best features while hiding others. You’ll want a cut that highlights your curves. Try to find high wasted styles that are taken in slightly at the waist and the fabric drapes over the hips. Also, don’t be afraid of patterns and colour. These can be very appealing on a full figure shape.

Don’t Be Afraid of Swimsuits and Lingerie

If you like to visit the beach, you will need a proper swimsuit in a flattering style. Here, you can play with the patterns and styles. For example, if you have a heavier bottom, you may want to get a two piece with shorts or a skirt where the top is in a pattern and the bottom is a solid in a darker colour. A scoop neck or v-neck will show off your bust line, and a baby doll style is good to cover up a heavier top. These are just some examples. It may take some trial and error to figure out what is good for you. The same tips can also apply to lingerie.

If you want to purchase plus size clothing, keep these style tips in mind and you’ll find what you need.