plus size dresses and clothing for the fuller figure

Casual Dance Wear & Sports Clothing for Plus Sizes

With easy wash stretch fabrics like Lycra, every women can look great at the gym!

Keeping fit has never been such fun with the trendy range of sports and dancewear available

While some people struggle to choose and buy smarter, more formal clothing for work or occasions - there are others of us who find it hard to know what to wear when we relax and wind down.

Super Sports Wear

Whether you're doing yoga at the gym, playing a game of tennis or just want something comfortable for lounging around in - there's a wonderful range of stretchy lycra clothing that's easy to pull on and wear, yet designed for your figure.

Plus Size Yoga or Bootleg Pants 

Do remember the usual rules for fuller figures - if you've got a bigger bottom, don't wear short t-shirts that emphasise it, wear longer tops that lengthen your body and cover up your bottom.

Whether you're getting energetic or just doing your daily exercises, wearing comfortable stretchy clothing can help you move and allow your skin to breath easily.

Lycra doesn't mean that you get the smallest size you can squeeze in to - instead, buy the right size and that'll allow for a few weight fluctuations.

Buying clothing that's too small might feel good - but can look unsightly as you try and squeeze too much of you into too little fabric. Instead, be generous with yourself and buy good fitting clothes.Racer Back Plus Size Tank Top 

If you're exercising to lose weight - reward yourself with smaller size clothing once you hit certain target weights.

Buy at least two sets of clothing if you're exercising regularly - that allows you to wash and dry them frequently - most sports wear is designed to dry quickly, so two is the minimum.

Daring Plus Size Dancewear

Companies like Danskin have brought in some wonderful Lycra© clothing that looks fabulous on plus size women, helps smooth out your body and is easy to workout in.

Danskin Fuller Figure Ankle PantsWhether you're into ballroom, jazz, hip hop, jive, salsa, disco, ballet or modern dance - there's a range of fashionable clothes & leotards available in sizes for you in online stores.

Younger girls will love the pretty dance skirts, tights, leotards and ballet clothes, teamed with beautiful gym bags, they'll feel like a real princess going to dance classes!

With ceroc and salsa popular as gym classes, keeping fit has never been easier or more enjoyable, especially as it'll probably involve a shopping trip for new clothes.

If you're looking for something more creative, some brands of skatewear will also look good for some dance, just check out the online stores.

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