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Partial updo works well with this tiaraHair Styles for Graduation Balls, Proms & other "posh" events

This type of event calls for sophistication and style.

For the bob or longer hair with a short fringe, use the straighteners to pull the hair poker straight for a stunning effect.


If the fringe is full length, try pulling it to the back of the head and add a jewelled clip, using the irons to coax the hair backwards from the face. It's simple, but it's extremely effective when paired with the beauty of the straightened hair.


The thing to be careful of with fine hair is that clips have a tendency to wander. Be sure to practice with the chosen clip before the night to make sure this doesn't happen and if it does, either try another one with a stronger clasp or look into whether kirby grips or tying into a bobble first will help.


When left straight, shine can make all the difference. Hair that is in top condition will shine by itself, but use a shine serum to achieve an almost glass-like sheen to the hair.



Fine hair may have a problem with slipping, so if you decide to go for using a clip as an accessory, practice with the best way of attaching it.


Of course, it could be attached to an up-do. Straightened hair tied into a French pleat will look immaculate and can be finished nicely, giving it a more individual feel by adding the chain across the back, pinning it inside the pleat. When preparing the hair for the pleat, direct the irons in the direction the hair will be tied.


There are several other options for tying up hair for a formal event. At it's most simple, very long hair can be styled poker-straight and tied into a high ponytail. Around the band that's holding the hair, use anything sparkly to give it instant class. The accessory, along with the straightness of the hair, will make this far more dressy than a going-to-the-gym ponytail.


If you don't fancy sparkling, wrap a small section of hair around to cover the bobble and pass it through itself, securing underneath with a couple of kirby grips. Or, wind a strip of fabric that matches or compliments the dress around the base a couple of times and again, secure by passing it through itself under the tail and secure with grips or pins, keeping it streamlined and not needing a bow.


Curly black / brown hair swept up sets off this fabulous dress perfectlyIf that sounds too severe, hair can be tied back in as many different ways as there are hairs on the head! A messy bun, or an arrangement of curls all pinned together at the back of the head can be complimented by a Sedu style fringe.


A messy bun can be easily achieved with a little practice and, contrary to it's name, can look very interesting. Begin as if tying a low ponytail (at about the middle of the head) with a thin bobble which will blend with the hair. Do not pull the hair right through. Instead, make a loop and leave some long ends up by the head which do not go through the bobble.


Then, twist the bobble and pull it back over the mound created, without being fussy over what it pulls and what it doesn't.


With a little practice, this forms a selection of spikes and loops of hair which can be manipulated, enhanced with wax and dressed up with sparkly pins or jewels.


If the fringe is too short to pull back, simply sweep it right over to one side, using the straighteners to curl it back slightly towards the head, making it follow the shape of the head.


If the fringe is longer, follow the same procedure but put it back behind the ear, pinning if necessary. A longer fringe may also be swept to both sides in this way, making a side parting in the fringe and pulling a large chunk across the forehead.


Wearing the hair up with a strapless dress can leave a very bare expanse of skin, but do not be tempted to fill it with a large necklace, especially if the hairstyle is fully. Often, a simple, fine chain with a small pendant is enough – gauge it on the rest of the outfit, including the hair.


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