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Fashion Tips for Winter 

Wondering what to buy for winter or the January sales ?

Here's a few ideas for what's in fashion this season that could prove to be a shopping bargain.

If you've been looking round the shops and feeling that there's little colour or fun, read on to discover how to wear the latest model fashions.

Grey is the new black!

Although it's in fashion, the news from the shops is that it's not selling well.  I guess although people are confident about wearing black, they're not so sure how to wear grey.

The sales could offer an opportunity to update your wardrobe with tops and trousers in shades of grey, which could look great teamed with some brighter colours for jackets or coats.

 A charcoal grey will suit just about all colour types, also a pewter shade (which looks as if it contains a touch of brown). 

If you're a "cool", you can wear some of the lighter color greys too.

Scarlet women!

This is the hot new colour that could brighten up your winter wardrobe. 

This will also look great teamed with the greys that you can pick up in the sales.

For "lights" choose a geranium shade, "warms" can wear more tomato shades of red, whilst "cools" will look good in bluey-toned reds.

Remember that plus size women look best in straight clothing lines, with soft fabrics to smooth round your shape.

Add a matching shade of lipstick to complete the look - but make sure it's in the right shade for your colouring.

If you wondering about lipsticks in red, check out the latest pictures of Scarlet Johannsen and Catherine Zeta Jones.

Glitzy Glamour with a Metallic twist

Just in time for the Christmas party - try out some of the wonderful metallic looks in shoes and accessories.

It's easy (and cheap) to liven up an old outfit with shoes, bags or scarves.


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